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Welser Kuche

Celebrate in merry company under historical vaults. Come to Welser-Kuche and dine in the fine style of the 15th and 16th century with family and friends, clients and colleagues.

Everyday life in the Middle Ages was tough and hard work. But the yeomen and townspeople certainly knew how to celebrate in style.

The Augsburg patrician’s daughter Philippine Welser kept a diary of everyday life and celebrations. In her notes, she precisely describes how the townspeople and peasants ate and drank, what was good manners what was frowned upon. We have her to thank for the best original recipes for the high days and holydays of her time.

In Welser-Kuche, historical feasts come to life again for you. As our guests, you become “ladyes and fellowes” for a few hours, served by our “man-servants and maids”.
Let us lead you through an evening of culinary entertainment.

You "ladyes and fellowes" wish to know what awaits you this evening in the Welser-Kuche? Then we shall tell you in the notes upon the Welser-Feast.

A merry, unvorgettable meal for a whole evening!